Instagram lets you watch live on a computer 2020

You can now watch the live broadcasts on Instagram with a computer. A few days ago, this feature was only available on mobile devices

Instagram lets you watch live on a computer
Instagram lets you watch live on a computer

The COVID-19 crisis is making live streaming even more popular than it already was. And to better satisfy the users of its Live functionality, Facebook had announced, two weeks ago, some new features for this platform, such as the possibility of playing only the audio part of a live when you have a bad connection, or the possibility, for those who do not have a Facebook account, to watch these live broadcasts.

And recently Instagram has also decided to beef up its live streaming functionality. A few days ago, some media, including Android Police, noticed that live videos on Instagram are now available on the web version of the social network.

If Instagram is accessible on a computer, via this web version, many features are only available on mobile. And just a few days ago, watching live video was still one of the things that is only possible on a smartphone and on a tablet.

Computer screens are more comfortable for watching Live

In addition to the fact that Live on Instagram are now available in a new medium, the size of computer screens also allows for better comfort. For example, comments are displayed on a sidebar, rather than being overlaid on video like on mobile.

Obviously, this change was made in order to better satisfy Instagram users during containment. Indeed, since users stay at home, they are more likely to view Instagram posts on a computer.

It should also be noted that since the start of this pandemic, other services have decided to launch new experiments for computers.

For example, in early April, Facebook decided to launch a Messenger application for computers running Windows or macOS. A launch that comes at a time when video conferencing applications like Microsoft Teams or Zoom have become very popular. As we explained in a previous article, Zoom has already crossed the 200 million users per day mark. And Microsoft Teams saw the number of video calls on its platform increase by 1,000% during the month of March.

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