CES 2020 – Galaxy S20, Galaxy Bloom: Samsung CEO confirms names of future flagships 2020

During a closed-door meeting at CES in Las Vegas, DJ Koh, CEO of the mobile branch of Samsung, confirmed that the next Samsung Galaxy will be called S20, the Fold 2 becoming the Galaxy Bloom.

In our world where smartphones and their characteristics are known weeks, even months before their presentation, the official names often raise all questions. With the Samsung Galaxy S11s, we have a typical example. For some time, rumors have been going well, explaining that the next flagships of the chaebol would break the digital suite to move to the next ten, like Huawei which had gone from P10 to P20.

A compact smartphone
A compact smartphone

The manager would not have given more details about the choice of this name but would have said that the terminal with the foldable screen is developed inspired by a range of compacts from Lancôme. True or not, the shape of the smartphone could be reminiscent of a makeup accessory. Besides, according to the South Korean leader, Samsung would focus its marketing campaign on women in their twenties. It is not certain that marketing a product under the gendered approach of the “smartphone for women” is relevant in 2020 and here, but time will tell.

In terms of technical specifications, few innovations except that the Galaxy S20 and Bloom would be able to record video sequences in 8K and that two versions would be provided: one 4G and the other compatible 5G.

SOURCE: Ajunews

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