Flashback: HTC One was a rebel with a unique camera and great speakers 2020

Flashback: HTC One was a rebel with a unique camera and great speakers

The HTC One X was highly regarded, but sales weren’t great so the company went back to the drawing board. What it came up with was 2013’s HTC One – a phone that tried to change the way consumers think about mobile photography. We’ll get back to the aluminum unibody and the audio features, but we want to start with the camera as it got some things right and some things wrong. HTC One official photos The key idea was that pixel size determines image quality, not resolution. Enter UltraPixels, HTC’s marketing

for the 2µm pixels. There were only 4 million of them, 4MP resolution, but they were larger than what the iPhone 5 (1.4µm) and the Galaxy S4 (1.14µm) had, they were also larger than the pixels on the fondly-remembered Nokia N8 (1.75µ). The aperture was fairly bright for the time, f/2.0, allowing more light to reach the 1/3″ sensor (for comparison, the iPhone had a 1/3.2″ sensor, the Nokia 1/1.83″). Optical Image Stabilization helped the sensor capture even more light. Photos shot with the HTC One didn’t have as much details as the 8-13MP sensors of the

Not in the daytime, anyway. HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 daylight samples HTC did achieve its goal of having superior image quality in the dark. This was something all smartphones of that era struggled with. If you were the type to take photos mostly in the evening, especially indoors, this was the phone for you. HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 low-light samples The HTC One had a dedicated ISP processor, ImageChip 2, which eased the pressure on the Snapdragon 600 chipset. Besides ………….. Read More

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