Huawei holds the record for selling 5G smartphones ahead of Samsung 2020

Who sold the most 5G smartphones in 2019? Both Samsung and Huawei have released their figures, allowing the latter to be placed in front of the former. A victory that is not as trivial as it might seem.

Huewei Mat 30 Picture
Huewei Mat 30 Picture

5G will be an important subject for us Europeans in 2020, when the telecom players should provide its first commercial offer. However, in the Asian market, the technology has already proven itself in 2019.

Reacting to this, the main manufacturers in the world have already released their first devices equipped to take advantage of 5G. Samsung and Huawei, respectively first and second in the world top, were naturally there. But who did better?


XDA Developers highlights today the sales figures of 5G smartphones of these two manufacturers during the year 2019. Samsung announced to have sold 6.7 million 5G smartphones in 2019, including in its ranks the Galaxy S10 5G, Note 10 5G, Note 10+ 5G, Fold 5G and Galaxy A90 5G.

Its competitor has just provided its figures: 6.9 million 5G smartphones sold for him in 2019, including the Mate 30 Pro 5G, the Mate 30 5G, the Porsche Design Mate 30 RS , the Mate 20X, the Nova 6 5G, Mate X, Honor V30 Pro and Honor V30. Huawei therefore “wins”.

Several things are still to be emphasized. The first instinct is to say that despite its setbacks with the American justice system, the Chinese manufacturer continues to gain some victories of the kind, which, in itself, is encouraging and shows certain health on the part of the actor.


However… stopping at that would be somewhat unfair. After all, it should also be remembered that Samsung is losing momentum on the Asian market and that its recovery efforts have barely started. In addition, it is a more global player than its competitor, which can take advantage of the American market (and even before the problems of Huawei) to increase its profits.

Also, the battle is above all lost… on the Asian market. But in 2020, the trend should very quickly reverse in favour of Samsung which remains a very strong brand in the West and America.

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