Huawei P30 or Oppo Reno 2: which is the best smartphone? 2020

If you are looking for a smartphone between 30000 BDT and 40000 BDT, you will certainly come across the Huawei P30 and the Oppo Reno 2. Which of these two smartphones is the best? We give you our opinion, point by point.

Oppo Reno 2 Vs Huawei P30
Oppo Reno 2 Vs Huawei P30

A relatively recent player on the French market, Oppo remains a key manufacturer of the Android scene, whether through its strong presence in Asia or its many technical innovations. With its Oppo Reno 2 , the brand intends to compete with Huawei which, with its Huawei P30 , manages to impose itself masterfully on the mid-range.

Which of these two smartphones is more interesting? Design, screen, performance, software, photo and autonomy, here is a point-by-point comparison.


ModelHuawei P30Oppo Reno 2
OS versionAndroid 9.0Android 9.0
Manufacturer interfaceN / CColorOS
Screen size6.1 inch6.5 inch
Definition2340 x 1080 pixels2400 x 1080 pixels
Pixel density422 ppi401 ppi
SoCKirin 980Snapdragon 730G
Graphics chip (GPU)ARM Mali G76Qualcomm Adreno 618
Random access memory (RAM)6 GB8 GB
Internal memory (flash)128 GB128 GB, 256 GB
Camera (back)Sensor 1: 40 Mpx
Sensor 2: 20 Mpx
Sensor 3: 8 Mpx
Sensor 1: 48 Mpx
Sensor 2: 13 Mpx
Sensor 3: 8 Mpx
Sensor 4: 2 Mpx
Camera (front)32 MP16 MP
Video recording4K4K @ 30 IPS
WirelessWi-Fi 5 (ac)Wi-Fi 5 (ac)
networksLTE, HSPA, GSMN / C
Supported bands2100 MHz (B1), 800 MHz (B20), 1800 MHz (B3), 2600 MHz (B7), 700 MHz (B28)2100 MHz (B1), 800 MHz (B20), 1800 MHz (B3), 2600 MHz (B7), 700 MHz (B28)
Fingerprint sensorYesUnder the screen
Ports (inputs / outputs)USB Type-CUSB Type-C
Drums3650 mAh4000 mAh
Dimensions71.36 x 149.1 x 7.57mm74.3 x 160 x 9.5mm
Weight165 grams189 grams
ColorsBlack, Blue, GreenBlack, Blue

On paper, the two smartphones are very close to each other, but we quickly notice that the processor of the Huawei P30 is a high-end model from last year while that of the Oppo Reno 2 is a little more recent but less powerful. This difference is however offset by 2 GB of additional RAM and a larger battery.


In terms of design, Huawei is not original with its Huawei P30 with an appearance now seen and reviewed. “Water drop” notch at the front, triple lens arranged vertically in the upper left corner at the back… Between the different smartphones of the brand that use this design and the competitors who copied this arrangement, it becomes almost difficult to differentiate the Huawei P30 from other phones in the same segment.

Conversely, the Oppo Reno 2 focuses on originality with a unique design, whether for its front camera hidden in a shark fin pop-up (Oppo’s signature), or its games of reflections on the back cover giving the impression that it emits light.

Color Os Oppo Reno 2
Color Os Oppo Reno 2

If it is original, it is not more pleasant to use. The Huawei P30 is not perfect: its photo module is a little too protruding, which makes it unstable when placed on a table and its volume buttons are a little high, but it remains smaller and lighter than the Oppo Reno 2, which also suffers from the same problem for volume buttons. In addition, the Reno 2 is oddly balanced and its upper part is heavier than the lower part. This feeling of imbalance makes its manipulation sometimes hazardous, for fear of dropping it.


A beautiful design is nothing without a beautiful screen, especially now that it covers more than 90% of the front of the phone. And on this side, the Huawei P30 and the Oppo Reno 2 are very close to each other.

For Huawei we have a 6.1 inch AMOLED panel in Full HD +, while Oppo also opts for an AMOLED panel in Full HD +, but with a diagonal of 6.5 inches.

huawei p30 Camera Picture
huawei p30 Camera Picture

Both are not perfectly calibrated at the factory, but have very simple settings in the parameters to bring them close to perfection in terms of color rendering. In addition, Oled technology provides them with infinite contrast and both display very good brightness which will allow use in all conditions, even if our probe confirmed a certain advance on this point for the Huawei P30 .


The Huawei P30 and Oppo Reno 2 were both released on Android 9, but the update to Android 10 has already arrived on the P30. For the Reno 2 on the other hand, this firmware is still in beta at the time of writing these lines. The update should nonetheless arrive in the first months of 2020.

Huawei’s interface is a bit aging, but we cannot take away its efficiency and its many features or possibilities for customization. It also has a dark theme, which is not the case with ColorOS.

huawei p30
huawei p30

That of the Oppo Reno 2 on the other hand comes from afar. The brand clearly seeks to establish itself on the European market and has made many efforts in this direction. The translations are notably much better than before, which was not very difficult and there are some useful features such as adjusting the navigation bar, securing certain applications by biometrics or cloned applications to open two different instances simultaneously. ColorOS is clearly on the right track and we are waiting to see what version 7 (under Android 10) will bring.

Meanwhile, the experience acquired by Huawei in recent years remains superior.


The Huawei P30 is thought to be a high-end smartphone and therefore has 6 GB of RAM and a flagship SoC  : the Kirin 980. More recent, the Oppo Reno 2 is aimed directly at the mid-range with a adequate chip: the Snapdragon 730G, coupled here with 8 GB of RAM.

On daily use, the difference will not be obvious. The two smartphones perform their basic tasks very well without any slowdown in basic application usage (web browsing, social networks, etc.), including multitasking.

Oppo Reno 2
Oppo Reno 2

The same is true in play. On titles like Fortnite or PUBG Mobile , the two smartphones managed to display a nice constant framerate . Unfortunately, the 60 fps mode is not available on either of the two on Fortnite.

Nevertheless, the benchmarks are clear: the Huawei P30 is much more powerful than the Oppo Reno 2:

 Huawei P30Oppo Reno 2
SoCKirin 980S730G
AnTuTu 7.x287,179205 862
PCMark 2.07,8467,257
3DMark Slingshot Extreme3,8662,395
3DMark Slingshot Extreme Graphics4,1382,240
3DMark Slingshot Extreme Physics3,1443,163
GFXBench Aztec Vulkan high (onscreen / offscreen)14/12 FPS9.6 / 6.7 FPS
GFXBench Car Chase (onscreen / offscreen)27/29 FPS15/17 FPS
GFXBench Manhattan 3.0 (onscreen / offscreen)59/82 FPS36/42 FPS
Sequential read / write826/192 MB / s470/201 MB / s
Random read / write39.6k / 34.5k IOPS36.3K / 57.6K IOPS

In the future, the Huawei P30 should therefore be able to run more demanding games than the Oppo Reno 2. Still, these games must one day arrive on the Play Store.


The Huawei P30 and the Oppo Reno 2 display 4 photo modules each:

 Huawei P30Oppo Reno 2
Main40 MP, f / 1.8, 27 mm48 MP, f / 1.7, 25.8 mm
Ultra wide angle16 MP, f / 2.2, 16 mm8 MP, f / 2.2, 18.4 mm
telephoto8 MP, f / 2.4, 81 mm (x3 zoom)13 MP, f / 2.4, 57.5 mm (zoom x2.2)
PortraitsToF (distance measurement)2 MP, f / 2.4, 23.9 mm

In the end, the result is very good on both sides during the day and in well-lit places, with perhaps better management of the strong dynamics on the Oppo Reno 2.

At night, it is also very tight since the Oppo Reno 2 will tend to provide a more blurry and less bright result, but with better colourimetry. Its night mode is also less efficient since it brings a certain dose of digital noise, but once again makes more natural shots.

Both smartphones are capable of shooting in 1080p at 60 frames per second or in 4K at 30 frames per second. Neither offers optical stabilization, but electronic stabilization is available, up to 1080p for the Reno 2 and up to 4K for the P30.


The two smartphones have a very good autonomy since they both allow to hold two full days with moderate use. With its larger battery, the Oppo Reno 2 nevertheless passes in front of and displays a score of 13:34 on our automated SmartViser test while the Huawei P30 only reaches 11:56. A score which is nevertheless at the top of the basket for the two smartphones.

Oppo Reno Night Camera
Oppo Reno Night Camera

For recharging, Huawei provides a 22.5 W power supply unit while Oppo provides a 20 W power supply unit. Between that and the size of the battery, it makes a small difference on a full charge. Allow 1h15 for the P30 and 1h30 for the Reno 2.


You will understand, the Huawei P30 and the Oppo Reno 2 offer experiences quite close to each other, with homogeneous results in all categories. The match is so close that you will not be disappointed in any case.

Nevertheless, on a general observation, we would tend to say that the Huawei P30 wins by little thanks to its more accomplished interface, its more traditional, but better-controlled design, its brighter screen and its more convincing night photos.

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