WhatsApp: dark mode, automatic message cleaning, and image search 2020

WhatsApp will host three major new features in 2020: the famous dark mode, automatic message cleaning, and image search. We take stock of these features already in the testing phase, which should finally be available to all users in the coming months.

whatsapp New Function
whatsapp New Function

WhatsApp may well disappear and no longer work on many smartphones in 2020, the Facebook instant message application continues to offer more and more new features. In 2020, the service should logically accommodate three new features, some of which have already been in the testing phase for several months on the different versions of the WhatsApp beta. Here is an overview of these three features which will be accessible to all in 2020.

Dark mode

the famous dark mode or dark mode has been in beta testing since October 2020. No need to present this display option which has become essential. WhatsApp has opted for a somewhat peculiar dark mode, with an interface in gray and dark blue. In fact, it promises to be less interesting than the dark modes of Messenger or Google Suite applications which offer a real darkening of the interfaces (significant battery saving for smartphones equipped with AMOLED screen).

Automatic deletion of messages

According to the latest rumors, this feature should take up the concept of Snapchat, with messages of a limited duration between 1 hour and 1 year after sending. In the end, WhatsApp revised its copy since these ephemeral messages will, in reality, be reserved for groups only. In truth, we should rather speak of the automatic deletion of messages. After having fixed a lifetime (between 5 seconds and 1 year), the messages posted in the group conversations disappear at the end of the chosen deadline. The goal is to prevent your messages and those of others from occupying too much space on the storage space of your smartphone.

Reverse image search

In order to combat the spread of fake news (false information), WhatsApp intends to set up a reverse search system. Users will be able to click on the images they receive on WhatsApp and perform a Google search to find the origin. Apart from fakes news, this option should provide additional defense for users against scams and phishing attempts. We especially remember the scam of 1000 GB of free mobile internet for example.
Among the other features expected, there is also Facebook Pay. This payment service allows you to send money via Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Facebook Pay, already available in the United States, should be rolled out in Europe in the coming months.

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