Microsoft Launcher 6.0: a completely new Android interface to download 2020

Microsoft has released a brand new version of its Microsoft Launcher for early access. On the program: a new design and a dark theme.

For several years, Microsoft has offered its own application launcher, the Microsoft Launcher, on Android. It is also one of the best alternative application launchers available on the Google Play Store.

surface duo Picture
surface duo Picture

In 2020, Microsoft plans to launch its first Android smartphone developed by the Surface team, the Surface Duo and its two screens. Microsoft has prepared a brand new version of Microsoft Launcher.


The Microsoft Launcher 6.0 is available for early access to the Google Play Store by following this link . The link was identified by the Aggiornamentilumia site. It offers a brand new interface, closer to what we saw on the Surface Duo presentation videos.

microsoft launcher android 2020
microsoft launcher android 2020

Microsoft indicates that this new version has been reconstructed from new source code to allow the addition of certain functionalities, such as the management of landscape display.

The Microsoft Launcher 6.0 also adds a dark theme, and numerous optimizations that should make the launcher smoother, lighter, and less battery consuming.

microsoft launcher android 2020 Image 2
microsoft launcher android 2020 Image 2

As “early access” suggests, this is currently an alpha version of this new application launcher. Microsoft is warning that all of the functionality of the classic Microsoft Launcher has not yet been added and that bugs may occur.

In the meantime, this new Microsoft Launcher provides a taste of the software experience that will be offered on the Surface Duo.

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