Cloudflare VPN is available on Android and iPhone 2020

Cloudflare VPN Cloudflare’s DNS makes it possible to resolve domain names faster.

If this has not changed, Cloudflare undertakes not to keep any log beyond 24 hours or to commercially exploit the data of its users (unlike Google with

In recent days, Cloudflare has updated its mobile application by integrating Warp, a VPN using its network and thus offering everyone the possibility of encrypting their surfing, but also making it up to 30% faster.

CloudFlare VPN
CloudFlare VPN

Nothing crazy technically even if it’s based on WireGuard . It is a somewhat fancy VPN, of course, but a VPN.

It is free for the moment. it can help if you are on a public wifi network and concerned about your security. After obviously, all your surfing goes to the US so use with intelligence.

You can download Cloudflare VPN app from the Android PlayStore here and from the iOS AppStore here.

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