Best apps for learning a language (English, Spanish, Arabic, etc.) 2020

Learning English or any other language is a challenge and high school lessons have not necessarily left an indelible mark on your brain. However, the experience is fascinating and above all very useful. Fortunately, there are many applications on smartphones that will motivate you. Frandroid has selected the best foreign language courses on mobile.

Learn Language though Apps
Learn Language though Apps

Even if instant translation devices are developing, learning a language opens up a country, a culture, culinary specialities and human encounters. To help you get started in this learning process, and to make sure you don’t drop out, applications offer a wide variety of methods. Learning English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese are all opportunities to flourish.

Whether you want to learn the basics before going on vacation or improve your skills, work for hours or just a few minutes sitting in the metro, you will find in this selection an application that will meet your needs.


Duolingo is one of the best known online language learning solutions. Originally completely free, it paid itself by making its users contribute to the translation of websites. Even if premium options exist today, the heart of the application is still there: short and fun sessions to practice writing, understanding and speaking in just 10 minutes a day. French speakers will be able to learn English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian through the application.

Memrise is based on the same principles as Duolingo: fun exercises, a motivating program and only a few minutes to spend per day. Thanks to Memrise you can learn Mandarin or Korean in addition to many European languages.


The Babbel service is one of the references for learning a language online. The service is chargeable, but it is also very comprehensive. In addition to activities and exercises, the application offers comprehensive and didactic interactive courses in 15 different languages. To ensure you have a full and advanced education, Babbel is probably an interesting option.


To learn English, the Lingvist application stands out with an artificial intelligence method that helps you learn the vocabulary that will be most useful to you more effectively. In addition to its sleek interface, perfect for promoting concentration, the application highlights precise progress statistics. Lingvist, unfortunately, does not allow you to learn a language different from that of Shakespeare.


Rather than offering abstract exercises, Beelinguapp offers you to learn 13 languages ​​through audiobooks. By listening to the texts read in a foreign language, and having the French transcription and translation in front of you, you can follow a story while assimilating vocabulary. This originality of Beelingual, in addition to being an interesting approach, will also appeal to lovers of novels.


If you are passionate about distant Asian countries, the LingoDeer application allows you to learn Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as their respective alphabets. The platform manages to offer fun learning thanks to a wide range of games of all kinds focused on both the way of writing letters and their pronunciation. The service promises big results with only 10 minutes of training per day.


The principle of Tandem is to chat with people for whom the language you want to learn and the one they use since birth. The idea here is, therefore, to get out of the purely theoretical framework and measure your language skills in real everyday conversations. After all, to make yourself understood correctly in Rome, you might as well learn directly from a Roman with this chat service.


Finally, in addition to the aforementioned applications, it is always useful to download Google Translate to find vocabulary words and translate texts in more than 100 languages. Some will consider it a good way to learn English.

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