Hands on: We try Imint’s Vidhance Selfie stabilization 2020

Hands on: We try Imint’s Vidhance Selfie stabilization

Imint Intelligence is a company based in Sweden that you likely haven’t heard of, but its video stabilization algorithms are used by a whole bunch of phone makers today including Xiaomi, vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, and nubia, which is its newest partner. Imint’s main product Vidhance, is incorporated in some way in many of these brands’ phones. Imint also has other video-based solutions like Object Tracking, and their zooming solution (Stable Zoom) that does not stutter when zooming in like phones traditionally would. Vidhance Demos Imint reached out to us and offered to test

latest Vidhance Selfie Video solution, which helps keep you centered in the frame while taking videos using the front-facing camera. For this demonstration, we’re using two Google Pixel 2 devices. Both were mounted onto a small rig that holds two smartphones, and while one of them records with the stock camera app, the other is recording with the Vidhance Selfie solution enabled. Vidhance Selfie mode does a great job of centering the subject and it still allows for some movement of the subject in the vertical axis while walking. What Vidhance Selfie does is use the background

the backbone for stabilization while nudging the subject’s face towards the middle. You’ll notice two things in the Vidhance Selfie videos. The first one is that the field of view for the Vidhance clip is significantly narrower than the native FoV. To achieve electronic stabilization in video the camera needs to crop in a bit to have a margin to work with. The other thing you’ll notice is that the exposure is far superior on the stock camera app. Keep in mind this is a demo of an upcoming Vidhance feature and exposure will be fixed ………….. Read More

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